Safari Blue

The Blue Safari is designed for those who, in addition to sailing in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier, dream of touching it and enjoying it up close but do not want to walk on the glacier as in the Minitrekking, but rather prefer an experience with less physical demand. In this new excursion we will get to touch the glacier with our hands!

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Safari Blue

Safari Blue
Valid from 02/01 to 03/31
Adult $ 8500.-
Minor 4-15 years $ 7100.-

Transfer to port and visit to the catwalks $3,000

The Blue Safari begins in El Calafate when the bus leaves for P.N. Glaciers. Once in Puerto Bajo de las Sombras, just 7 km from the footbridges, we will take a boat to cross Lago Rico, and after sailing 20 minutes we will disembark on the opposite coast. Little by little we will walk 30 minutes, always with a view of the southern wall of the Glacier in case we are surprised by a thunderous landslide.
Once next to the ice, it will be time for an unforgettable experience… touching the Perito Moreno Glacier itself!
There we will fully enjoy its intense and varied blues, whites and its capricious shapes.
We will have time to take many photos and then we will return to the embarkation point always accompanied by an experienced guide.
The total walk is approximately 1.30 hours through a natural terrain of sand and stones with some slopes and stairs. The tour will be along the coast of the lake and through a lush forest with a view of the Glacier
Finally, we will take the boat to appreciate from the water, and a few meters away, the entire southern face of the glacier and be able to see every detail of the marbled ice wall.
Once in the port, we will take the bus to the walkways, where we will have 2 hours to enjoy the incredible panoramic view and the picnic, which you must bring with you.
We will arrive in El Calafate after touring the Patagonian steppe, with our soul charged with the natural energy of this unique glacier. We can’t wait to be your hosts! 18 Due to the characteristics of the excursion, and the terrain and with the sole objective of preserving the health of people, it is only suitable for:
People from 6 to 70 years old, without mobility difficulties, or heart problems or others that could harm their health during the walk. Although the intensity of the excursion is low, the terrain presents stones, gentle slopes and stairs, for which it is essential that the passenger be able to move autonomously.
For safety reasons, it is not suitable for pregnant women.
People who at the beginning of the excursion state that they have any of the exclusionary restrictions and conditions or have difficulties walking on their own, will be asked not to go on the excursion and it will be considered as a bad sale by the tourism agency, said agency being responsible for that situation.
Keep in mind that this can generate moments of tension and great frustration for the passenger, for which you are urged to be very clear when selling the services, explaining in detail the aforementioned requirements and restrictions.

This excursion will begin on February 1, 2022.
Although the intensity of the excursion is low, the terrain presents stones, gentle slopes and stairs.
Duration of Blue Safari with transfer: approximately 8 hours
Duration of the Blue Safari with departure from Puerto Bajo de las Sombras: approximately 3 hours
From El Calafate: 7:30 a.m.
From Puerto Bajo de las Sombras: 10:15 a.m.
What to bring?
Wear warm clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves and a hat. Bring snacks and hot and cold drinks for the whole day. The Company does not have a food or beverage sales service.
Does not include entrance to the National Park.


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