Minitrekking on Perito Moreno Glacier

From: $175.00

Walk on the Perito Moreno Glacier with Navigation through the South Arm of Lake Argentino and Guided Visit to the Perito Moreno Footbridges or Balconies

Full day excursion

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Minitrekking on Perito Moreno Glacier

Valid from 01/11 to 31/12/22
Adult U$D 175.-
Minors 3-10 years U$D 140 .-
Shuttle price per person U$D 30 to port and footbridges

Does not include entrance to National Parks

Walk on the Perito Moreno Glacier with Navigation through the South Arm of Lake Argentino and Guided Visit to the Perito Moreno Footbridges or Balconies

Full day excursion

Mini trek:
EXCLUSIVE This excursion, due to the degree of effort and difficulty it presents, cannot be carried out by pregnant people, people suffering from diseases with risk of functional or organic control during walking, and people with disabling diseases in relation to coordination and motor skills. Includes: Bilingual mountain guide
Does not include: Entrance to Los Glaciares National Park, lunch, transfer to the port or extras of any kind.
Frequency: Daily, not suspended due to rain. Duration Full day excursion
Difficulty: 8 and 65 years old, without exception, it is not recommended for overweight people.

The Minitrekking is a full day excursion whose outstanding experience is walking on the Perito Glacier
Moreno with crampons. In the case of contracting the complete excursion with transfer from El Calafate to
charge of CALAFATE TRAVEL, passengers are picked up by the hotel where they stay or they can start
the excursion from the offices at Av. Del Libertador N° 483. The buses leave early in the
morning from El Calafate and they have an English and Spanish bilingual audio guide service with GPS in the
Round trip to Los Glaciares National Park. Arriving at the National Park, visit the footbridges,
where they are received by a tour guide who will guide them on the tour on the balconies and assign a schedule
Meeting point for transfer to Puerto Bajo Las Sombras. Once this stage of 1 hour is finished
approximately, the same bus will take the group to Puerto Bajo Las Sombras, where they will board one of the
boats to navigate for 20 minutes through the Rico Branch of Lake Argentino and in front of the South wall
of the Perito Moreno Glacier, towards the other side of the Lake. There the group is
received by guides (qualified by Los Glaciares National Park and the Association of Mountain Guides), who will divide them into subgroups by English and Spanish language and will accompany them throughout the entire walking route through the forest towards the glacier. The total walking time is 3 hours, of which approximately 1:30 hours is dedicated to walking on the ice of the glacier with crampons and a helmet. The tour on the ice has a large number of ups and downs, during which you can see cracks, lagoons, streams, sinkholes and seracs, among others. The rest of the walk is done in the forest and on rocky terrain both to and from the Glacier to the Refuge.
During the excursion, the passenger will have about an hour to make a stop to consume their lunch.
According to the assigned schedule of the excursion that time can be dedicated on the catwalks or in the Refuge
within the Minitrekking area. It is important to clarify that in the Minitrekking area there is no sale
of food or drinks, so the visitor must provide them before the departure of the excursion.
Once the Minitrekking is over, you sail back to Puerto Bajo Las Sombras to take the bus to
return to El Calafate, (70km).
It is important to point out that depending on the time of the service there may be changes in the itinerary, that is, the
Excursion can begin with navigation and Minitrekking and then a visit to the footbridges.

Excursion without transfer: If you do not want the transfer to the National Park provided by the Agency, you can request a direct boarding time at the port, which will be assigned according to availability and time of year.
The total duration of the excursion leaving from Puerto Bajo Las Sombras and returning to it in the morning is 5 hours (counting the time of consumption of food in the Refuge of 1 hour). In the afternoon they have a duration of 4 hours, since, in the afternoon shifts, the consumption of the food is scheduled for the visitor to do it on the catwalks.
The duration of the complete excursion with transfer by the Agency is approximately
10 hours.
The Minitrekking operates from July (the start date during the month of July depends on the weather conditions
prevailing) until May 31 of each year. Advance booking is recommended between the months of
November to February, especially around the Christmas and New Year holidays, given the capacity
tour limited.
The Minitrekking is an excellent excursion to get to know the Perito Moreno Glacier from different angles (on
the ice, from the forest, from the ship and from the gangways).

Due to the characteristics of the excursion, the terrain and the physical demands, it is only suitable for:
-People between 10 and 65 years inclusive. In the case of participating minors under 18 years of age without their parents, they can only
carry it out with written authorization from them, indicating the older person in charge.
– Not suitable for overweight people; For this purpose, those that exceed the criteria issued by the
Ministry of Health. Body mass index greater than or equal to 30.
– Not suitable for pregnant women
– Not suitable for people with any degree or type of physical or mental disability that affects their attention, walking
and/or coordination
– People who suffer from central or peripheral cardiovascular diseases, or when their
cardiac or vascular capacities are diminished, use stents, pacemakers or other prostheses; (by
Example: medicated with anticoagulants, grade III varicose veins – those that are thick and multiple,
cardiac arrhythmias, etc.)
– Not suitable for people suffering from diseases that cause respiratory disabilities (COPD, asthma,
emphysema, etc).
In the event that a passenger shows difficulties in walking on their own on the ice, the guide in charge of the
group and responsible for its safety, has the power to interrupt its route.
We are available for any questions related to restrictions or passenger health.
In case of disregarding these restrictions, it will be considered a bad sale, and the passenger will not be able to
take the walk. The selling agency will be responsible.
People who, once they arrive at the base of operations, state that they have any of the restrictions
and excluding conditions, they will be deprived of making the excursion. Note that this can cause
moments of tension and a great frustration to the passenger, for which it is urged to be very clear at the time of
carry out the sale of the services, explaining in detail the aforementioned requirements and restrictions.

Passengers need to bring: cash, in national currency, to pay the entrance fee to the National Park,
since that value is not included in the price of any of our services.
Comfortable and warm clothing, waterproof jacket and pants, hat, gloves (any type of glove works,
including those for hardware work), if possible, trekking boots or, failing that, sports shoes with
laces (lady’s shoes with heels or “platform” are exclusive), sunglasses, sunscreen, lunch
and drink.
To confirm this excursion, the complete data of each passenger will be requested:
Name and Surname, DNI/Passport, date of birth and nationality, as required by insurance and National Parks. The reservation confirmation will be sent within 48 hours of receiving the order.
The Minitrekking rate (not the transfer rate) will have a discount for children between 10 and 15 years old inclusive and
Argentine retirees and pensioners, with the corresponding documentation.
Cancellation policies:
Group Reservations (more than 8 passengers): Cancellations are free of charge up to 72 hours prior to the service. The
Cancellations within the previous 72 hours will have a 100% cancellation fee.
Individual Reservations (less than 8 passengers): Cancellations made after 3:00 p.m.
Prior to the service they will have a 100% cancellation fee.
No show (cancellations on the same day of the service) will have a 100% cancellation fee.
Departure from the port from 08:00 a.m. Includes professional bilingual mountain guide
Does not include entrance to National Parks. Does not include Food


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